Research Unit

The Research arm of the Consumer Affairs Commission is one of the key pillars of the agency.   During the CAC’s 43 year history, market surveillance and research has been a central pillar which has supported government policy.  Among the research services offered by the CAC’s research Unit are Price Monitoring of critical goods and services, Market Surveillance, Consumer Knowledge, Behaviour and Perception Studies; Customer Satisfaction Studies; Review of Standards; Research into the Distributive Trade regarding Critical Consumer Items and Ad Hoc research on emerging consumer issues.  




Price Control of Goods:   Advised the ministry responsible for commerce regarding the enforcement of price controls 1971 – 1990.


Price Monitoring of critical goods and services: grocery and agricultural products, petroleum products, school textbooks, banking rates and fees, hardware, etc.
  • Provide consumers with timely, relevant information to build confidence and facilitate active participation in the marketplace from an informed and empowered position.
  • Provide the BOJ, PIOJ and other government agencies with information used in economic forecasting.
  • Provide Private Sector Entities with information.
Market Surveillance: e.g. Consumer preference for display of GCT; Prevalence of Foreign Currency Pricing in Targeted Industries; The application of GCT to taxable and non-taxable items, etc. Provide empirical evidence to policy makers which informed the implementation and regulation of legislation /government policy. 
Consumer Knowledge, Behaviour and Perception Studies: Consumption and National Debt; Consumers and the introduction of E10 Gasoline; Consumers and the Banking Sector; Consumers and Financial Literacy; Consumers and the CAC, etc. Provide the CAC with data used to support its public education campaign and evidence to support representation made on behalf of consumers towards policy changes
Customer Satisfaction Studies Provide clients with feedback from their internal and external customers regarding quality of service delivery and level of satisfaction. This information is critical to making improvements which enhances the enabling business environment.
Review of Standards Review Standards compiled by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica to ensure consumers’ interest are protected.
Research into the Distributive Trade regarding Critical Consumer Items Provide the MIIC with information for decision making with respect to commerce e.g. stock levels for basic food items
Ad Hoc Research Research conducted on emerging issues to provide the CAC with reliable information to inform intervention on consumers’ behalf.