Calendar of Events




May 1

Desk Day at the RADA St. Thomas Office, Lyssons, St. Thomas

8:30 am

May 2

Exhibition and Presentation at SDC Social Services Fair, Castleton Community Centre, St. Mary

10:00 am


Presentation at P.TA meeting at McNie Primary School, McNie Clarendon

May 3

Presentation at St. Ann's Bay Senior Citizens Association, Methodist Church Hall, St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann

10:00 am

May 4

Exhibition at Town Hall Meeting, Ocho Rios High School, Milford Road, Ocho Rios, St. Ann

6:00 pm

May 5

Exhibition and Presentation at Ministry Of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Annual Castleton Botanical Gardens Earth Day Expo, Castleton, St. Mary

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

May 6

Exhibition at JCF Area 5 Division Annual Sports Day and Expo, Paul Bogle High School, Morant Bay, St. Thomas

9:00 am

May 7

Exhibition at SDC T20 Cricket Semi-final, Good Year Oval, Springfield, St. Thomas

10:00 am

May 8

Exhibition at Red Cross Day, Phillips Field Square, Yallahs, St. Thomas

10:00 am

May 9

 Presentation at Women's Centre, Queens Street, Morant Bay, St. Thomas

9:30 am

May 10

Exhibition at Ministry Of Health Caribbean Wellness Day Expo and Health Fair, Rudolph Elder Park, Morant Bay, St. Thomas

10:00 am


Display at COK Annual General Meeting, Conference Centre

May 11

Exhibition at Portland Co-operative Credit Union Limited Annual General Meeting, De Ole Marina, West Palm Avenue, Port Antonio, Portland

1:00 pm


Display at JBDC 10th Annual Small Business Expo & Conference, Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

Presentation at Boys Town HEART NTA, Collie Smith Drive


Presentation at Tate Farmers Group, McNie, Clarendon

May 12

Presentation at SDC Inter-agency Meeting, Lee Sin Plaza, St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann

10:00 am

May 15

Presentation at St. Thomas Inter-agency Meeting, Lyssons, St. Thomas

10:00 am


Presentation at NSWMA Training/Workshop for Drivers & Side Men, Mandelbaum T/A Almond Tree Restaurant, Main Street, Ocho Rios


Presentation at Mendez Farmers Group, Point Hill, St. Catherine

May 16

Display at Brandon Hill Primary Career Day, Brandon Hill, Clarendon

May 17

Presentation at Rest Primary & Junior High, Rest, Clarendon

May 18

Mini Display and Presentation - Constitution Hill Primary School Boy's Day, Constitution Hill, St. Andrew


Presentation - NSWMA Training/Workshop for Drivers & Side Men, Holy Trinity Church Hall, Montego Bay

May 19

Presentation at Effortville Primary School, Effortville, Clarendon

May 20

Exhibition at Kingston and St. Andrew AgroFEST, Jamaica College, Hope Road, Kingston

10:00 am


Presentation NSWMA Training/Workshop for Drivers & Side Men, St. Andrew Parish Church Hall, St. Andrew

May 24

Motor Vehicle Technical Committee Meeting, BSJ

May 25

Presentation and Exhibition at Devon Pen Primary School Career Day, Devon Pen, St. Mary

9:00 am

May 26

Exhibition at Cedar Valley JAS Branch Pumpkin FEST, Cedar Valley Court House Lawn, Cedar Valley, St. Thomas

10:00 am

May 28

Exhibition at SDC T20 Cricket Final, Lyssons Pavillion, Lyssons, St. Thomas

9:00 am

May 29

Presentation at RADA Home Economics Social Services Group, Bath Junior High School, Bath, St. Thomas

10:00 am

May 30

Service Station Survey (Kingston and St. Andrew)


Nursing Homes Registration Committee Meeting, Ground Floor Conference Room of the RKA Building, 10-16 Grenada Way

May 31

Service Station Survey (St. Thomas)


Display at Dallas Primary School, Dallas, St. Andrew




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