The Consumer Affairs Commission continued to have, if not one of the most in a long time, a significant impact on consumers’ rights in 2017. Not only did the CAC infuse empowerment to the consumers in a way that had been lacklustre for a while but the providers across the country and abroad got a clear message that it was no longer business as usual. 

For the first months of 2017 the CAC set the tone with how we would be engaging the providers by proactively ferreting out the information consumers simply must have if they are to make better decisions on purchases of goods and services. The next months were spent strategically looking at how to enhance the performance of the CAC by better adjudication methods, more public education initiatives and expanding the reach of the CAC to consumers across the island. The CAC staff stepped up to the task, one and all, and together with the Commissioners worked well together to get the objectives set accomplished. 

The CAC quarterly press briefings have forcefully placed on the table that the CAC is all about transparency in what we do and that consumers, providers and the CAC must set out on a journey together in making the world fairer and more equitable in the cut and thrust of commerce in general. 

The year ended with the 2 largest internet and mobile companies in Jamaica informing the public on mobile data charges and how to save on same when the CAC tackled that issue head on in November 2017.  

I wholeheartedly thank the staff, headed by the Chief Executive Officer, for being industrious, flexible and forward thinking which has burnished the reputation of the CAC and made it a fine example of how a state agency should operate in the public interest. 

At the World Consumer Rights day to be held on Thursday 15th March 2018 we will roll out a new campaign on how the sales of consumer products is being changed to a ‘robotic consumer world’ and the impact that will likely have on consumers’ future spending patterns. 

On behalf of my fellow Commissioners we will work assiduously to making Jamaican consumers smarter and less vulnerable to those predatory providers of goods and services in 2018.  

Chairman of the Consumer Affairs Commission
Kent Gammon